AM-25 Equalizer

Classic Four-band Parametric Equalizer

Alta Moda AM-25

The successor to the acclaimed AM-20 equalizer, the Alta Moda Audio AM-25 is a versatile, high-performance four-band parametric equalizer module designed for the 500-series compatible rack system. State-of-the-art low noise/low distortion amplifier technology coupled with simple and elegant signal paths assure a smooth and robust sonic presence.

With it's classic layout, the AM-25 offers four continuously variable and overlapping frequency bands. This gives the AM-25 exceptional versatility for a wide range of audio applications.

The parametric center frequencies with continuously variable bandwidth adjustment offer the critical sonic and creative control needed for a wide variety of music styles and applications.

The unique interplay bewtween Q and gain controls make for a more intuitive experience - from subtle to surgical, parametric equalization has never been easier to use.

Hand-built in the USA, these units use some of the finest components available; 1% metal film resistors, high-quality plastic conductive potentiometers, and gold contact switches and relays.

Low Band

Shelving or peak/dip, continuously variable from 20Hz to 120Hz

Low Mid Band

Parametric, with variable Q. Sweepable frequency range 65Hz to 2kHz

High Mid Band

Parametric, with variable Q. Sweepable frequency range 1kHz to 7.5kHz

High Band

Shelving, with variable Q. Sweepable frequency range 4kHz to 20kHz

Hard Wire Bypass

Gold-contact relays completely remove unit from signal path when bypassed.